Edisson Hidalgo's Portfolio


Emil & The Detectives

Book Illustration
typography, illustration

Working on a penguin competition brief, the task here was to create a new updated design for the book "Emil & the Detectives". I decided to take inspiration from the target age group by asking a few of my cousins and their friends what they like and dislike from the current design. I also gave them the task to draw out what they would like to see depending to what the story is about, from this research I found that 3D was a big element, as children today are surrounded by polished looking graphics with the 3D element. However, I wanted this to stand out from what is already being done, so to do so I decided to use paper crafting as my medium to create a 3D set with different layers. To represent different key elements of the story, along with this I drew out the characters by hand to overlay on top of the photography creating a blend of both illustrated characters in a 3D paper space..


print & editorial design

My first editorial attempt with typography exploration, the task here was to created an editorial piece showcasing a chosen city, I took on Miami as my chosen city to create, I developed my own grid that was inspired by the art deco architecture buildings from the photography I had taken myself, I also implemented pastel colours as they where vibrant but soft as I didn’t want the colour to be over powering because the main theme here was to explore typography. I got this printed in a newspaper format, as I wanted it to be quite big so that the typeface could be readable as the typeface I was using was perfect for the look but difficult to read on a smaller scale.

Flor Amazona

Colombian Jewelry
photo-editing, video-editing, illustrations

Flor Amazona, Colombian based jewelry company. I worked for the owner as an intern working as her main graphic designer, taking on the task of creating an elegant brand presence through the use of different formats to get her brand recognized across the world. The owner would travel the world and having pop up shops to get retailers and customers interested in her hand made products, I had the opportunity to see my work being used around the world as most of her marketing was done by me. My main tasks where to create social media buzz with her marketing intern, through this internship I developed skills in illustrations by creating background from scratch using her bracelet designs as my main theme along with kaleidoscope as inspiration to create certain graphics.