Luxury Men's Jewellery
Graphic & Digital

Working part of a creative team alongside the E-commerce department I create content for both digital and print. On occasion I manage our seasonal interns. I update the seasonal Stylebooks, Lookbook, Brand profile and any other printed graphics and making sure they are in budget. Managing and shooting product photography for the brand along with their private labels which includes re-touching of the metals/stones. On occasion doing a quality control of all images before sending to clients or for use in any other formats such as, creating newsletters and social media posts. Responsible of a new project in making 360 degrees product videos.


Your own personal tailor in your pocket
App Design

The project brief here was to create and visualize a non-existent app that wasn’t currently available on the market, I decided to create an app for Eton Shirts. A Swedish shirt maker, which offers a high performance fabric that reacts to body heat to un-wrinkle the shirt, this brand is currently trying to target a younger market through the use of social media and technology. I wanted to keep the essence of the brand by using their website as inspiration for brand style, I kept the design as minimal and easy as possible for navigation as their clientele are always busy and prefer to place orders quickly. However I wanted to offer the customer the made to measure service that is provided in stores. To visualize all of this I also created an animation of the app in use with descriptions of the possibilities an app will bring by the use of augmented reality.

Desperados - D&AD

"Revive the Party"
branding, advertising

A brief set by D&AD for Desperados, the task here was to create a whole new marketing campaign with a more modern feel to what they have done in the past. Their target market where younger generations who are starting to explore the world of partying and clubbing, my idea was to take the design back to its origins as I found out the look and feel of the brand was inspired loosely by Latino heritage. I took shrines as my main inspiration as they create a sense of worship for the believer and I wanted to create something similar for the brand, to do so my idea was to visualize this by the use of Mexican illustrations and using "Dia De Los Muertos" (Day of the dead) festival as inspiration. The tagline was the most difficult task for this project as I didn’t want to be too religious to offend people or miss communicate the overall idea, I eventually ended on “Revive the (DEAD) Party” with the word party in graffiti stylized typeface and the word dead lined through. This idea was executed through different mediums such as posters, the London underground tunnels and an actual shrine placed in a public space to create a wow factor and to get people involved, eventually having them sharing the experience through social media.

ESB Flooring

Showroom Photography
branding, photography, editing

ESB Flooring a company based in North London providing a unique and different view on flooring, from wood and cement all the finishes are applied onsite by trained professionals. Over a couple of months I was given different small tasks such as filming the installation process along with photographing their new products. As a content creator I worked with their in house designer to come up with ways of using the video and photos, such as having a looped video in their showroom and using the photos of their new products in their room planner software. The task here was to photograph a 4 floor flat they have as a showroom, this task came with surprise difficulties as my lens wasn’t capable of capturing a whole room in one shot, to over come this I took 4 to 5 images and later merge them together to create one final image.